Create custom, bespoke pieces for your loved ones or a wearable keepsake of your most treasured memories with SunRae Studio. We are here to embark on this journey with you and ensure that you will have memorable pieces that will last a lifetime.

Choose SunRae Studio to preserve your bridal bouquet, your mother's favourite flowers, memorial wreath flowers or work with us to create customized pieces for your loved ones to wear on your wedding day, your anniversary or as stunning, personalized gifts. We would be thrilled to work alongside you to try and create wearable pieces of your dreams using your own personal inclusions or those from my sweeping collection of natural treasures.

If you are ready to embark on this journey with us please send us an email with as much detail as possible. To get you started, here is some key information and questions to consider before submitting your custom order form.

  • I will only do custom orders that start at a minimum $200 spend (approximately 5 pieces).
  • What styles of necklace, earrings or hair accessories would you like? You can refer to the shop, past collections or the SunRae Studio Instagram page for inspiration and examples of styles/designs I may be able to do.

  • For necklaces, how long do you want the chain to be? I can do lengths ranging from 14" to 30".

  • I work with raw brass findings to encase the botanicals, but use 14K gold-fill, sterling silver and hypoallergenic stainless steel for earwires, earring posts and necklace chains.

  • It can take 2-4 weeks for flowers to fully press and dry, so be mindful of that when considering order turnaround times.

  • The best results are achieved with well-preserved flowers that have vibrant colouring. I am not able to restore flowers or other botanical treasures to how they originally looked if they are not dried or pressed properly.

  • Custom orders may not be the same price as similar pieces listed in the shop since each piece is unique to each customer's desires.

  • Deposits are required for custom, bespoke orders. After I have received the deposit I will provide you with an invoice including an address for you to send your flowers and other botanical treasures. Once I have received your package, or if we are working with botanicals that are already in my possession, we can begin the design project and discuss the full payment process.

Start your journey today.