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Meet the Maker

Hey! It's Rae, the face behind everything here at SunRae Studio. Everything I create is a result of my desire to help people reconnect to our natural world, as well as my mild obsession with the enchanting wildflowers that can be found throughout Canada's wilderness. Inspired by the delicate intricacies and artistry presented to us everywhere by Mother Nature, SunRae Studio was born.

All plants featured in our pieces are hand selected and harvested from my native surroundings - from the forests and hills to the seashores and meadows of Canada's vast wilderness. With a deep connection to and understanding of our natural world, I always make sure to only harvest a few plants from an area at a time. This ensures that the plants I leave behind will continue to play their role in the ecosystem and will remain there for others to enjoy in their natural state. As such, collections vary by the plants that are available in that season and each piece is 100% unique.

I press and dry the plants that I collect in a variety of methods and preserve them in resin. I meticulously choose the plants used in each piece and the metalwork to display them with. All metalwork is locally sourced and is either gold-filled, sterling silver, stainless steel or raw brass to ensure high quality and low likelihood of allergic reactions. I am also proud to be plastic-free; all of our packaging is reusable, recyclable or compostable.

All pieces are also made by hand in my home studio in southern Ontario where I can gaze out my window and continue to be inspired by the natural world around us. Created in small batches, there is an immense amount of love, intention and appreciation for our natural world crafted into every piece. Just as they did for me during their creation, I hope these jewels and accessories bring you great joy and a deeper connection to mother nature.

Thanks for being here. 

With gratitude,